Kiki tells you about her passion for couture.


Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Educated at Akademie Vogue in Amsterdam and Cordwainers College London with some art history studies in between.

Worked for theatre and film and for various companies in fabric and fashion industry to become an allrounder.

After exhibiting work in Jerusalem, a shop in Tel Aviv with handmade designs, work for theatre and collaboration with jewellery designers Dalia Levine and Esti Knobel.

Opened a shop in Amsterdam with a collection of handmade clothes and hats, had babies.

Worked for fashion designer Gesine Moritz in Cologne Germany, and for Berlin based shoe designers Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler/ Trippen.

Currently working in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Still producing single handmade wearables. More a maker and creator than a fashion designer. The material comes first.

Main source of inspiration is and always has been fabric. From all times and all cultures. Preferably natural colorful cottons and wools rich in structure/texture, or transparent silks.

Plastics and fake furs are also favourites, as are beads, yarn, stones, buttons and lace.

Dipping from an extensive collection of materials gathered over time, with added vintage treasures and generous gifts, finding inspiration in the memories that surround them I start creating pieces with a basis of simple geometric shapes that evolve into elaborately decorated, eclectic pieces.

A single piece of haberdashery can be the trigger, or a button. Leftover pieces of fabric. The best designs are mostly those inspired by and made with the leftovers of the creation before that.

In an almost intuitive dreamlike process, listening to the material, building from one stage to the next. Experimenting with old craft techniques and embroidery, finding new ways of constructing.

The challenge always is to end up with something wearable and distinctly modern, in spite of the hippie, ethnic touch and the clearly visible influence of the fifties and sixties. Something fun. Something that will make the wearer happy and by cross-fertilisation enhance the beauty and strength of both creation and person. Like jewellery. A favourite for a lifetime.

And, because it is only one item, it has to fit, or made to fit, people of different shapes and sizes.

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